Đến nay, gần như tất cả mọi người trong vũ trụ cùng giới đã nghe nói rằng toàn bộ đất nước của Hoa Kỳ đã hợp pháp hóa hôn nhân đồng tính một lần và cho tất cả. Điều này thể hiện sự thay đổi triệt để trong các giá trị xã hội đã diễn ra trên toàn quốc, từ những thành phố thân thiện truyền thống đồng tính ở California để thậm chí bảo thủ hơn các khu vực ở miền Nam. Mỹ thực sự là mở cho doanh nghiệp đồng tính, và nó cho thấy. Nhận trên bandwagon và tận hưởng nhiều về những gì đất nước ồ ạt lớn này đã cung cấp. Bắt đầu với nhiều sự kiện niềm tự hào đồng tính diễn ra trên khắp cả nước mỗi năm, hầu hết các thành phố lớn ở Mỹ hiện nay có một số loại đồng tính cảnh hiện nay. Bạn đã có thể nghe nói của San Francisco - đó là nơi mà các bài hát YMCA đến từ sau khi tất cả - nhưng đừng quên về các lĩnh vực đa dạng như Dallas, Boston, thành phố New York, Washington DC, Miami và nhiều hơn nữa. Nhận ra đó và tự hào - Mỹ đang chờ đợi bạn để hiển thị những gì nó đã cung cấp các du khách đồng tính.

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Here are the top 10 hotels exclusively, for men in the USA;

1. Island House. Key West, Florida; Island House is an luxurious clothing optional resort that offers top notch accommodations. Guests can enjoy a pool, a 24 hour café, a gym and spa facilities. The hotel is well known for its atmosphere, daily happy hours and exciting weekend pool parties.

2. The Worthington. Fort Lauderdale, Florida; The Worthington is one of North Americas gay resorts and comprises three properties; Alcazar Resort, Villa Venice and Worthington Guesthouse. These resorts offer clothing pools, hot tubs and a fitness center. They are conveniently located near Sebastian Street Gay Beach and Wilton Manors—a thriving gay nightlife area.

3. Inn Leather. Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Inn Leather is a resort that caters specifically to the leather and fetish communities. The resort boasts themed guest rooms along with amenities such as a pool, hot tubs, outdoor showers and even a dungeon playroom. Its conveniently situated close to bars and clubs in Wilton Manors.

4. Blue Moon Resort. Las Vegas Nevada; Blue Moon Resort is a men hotel located in Las Vegas.

Please note that there are six hotels, on this list which have not been paraphrased here for brevity purposes.
These are some hotels that cater to the lgbtq+Q+ community;

5. Triangle Inn. Located in Palm Springs, California the Triangle Inn is a resort specifically designed for men. It offers an secure area with amenities such, as a pool, hot tub and sundeck. Palm Springs itself is famous for its gay scene featuring bars, clubs and events all year round.

6. CCBC Resort Hotel. Situated in Cathedral City, California the CCBC Resort Hotel holds the distinction of being the clothing resort for gay men in the United States. Spanning across 3.5 acres of land this property boasts a pool area with two tubs, an outdoor shower, a steam room and even a playroom for added enjoyment. Additionally it hosts events like Desert Romp.

7. Parliament House Resort. Found in Orlando, Florida the Parliament House Resort is well known as an entertainment complex catering to the lgbtq+Q+ community. With its hotel accommodations along with bars, nightclubs, theaters and a pool area; it offers guests options to enjoy their stay. The resort also puts on themed events and drag shows that add to its atmosphere. Some rooms even offer views of either the pool or lake.

8. These hotels provide experiences tailored to meet the needs of lgbtq+Q+ travelers seeking accommodations, within welcoming environments.
The Woods Campground, in Lehighton Pennsylvania offers an experience for men. This campground welcomes both lesbian individuals. Provides various accommodation options including tent sites, RV sites and cabin rentals. You can enjoy amenities such as a pool, hot tub, game room. Themed weekend events throughout the camping season.

9. In Berkeley, California Steamworks Berkeley is not your hotel. It's an all male bathhouse that also offers rooms for overnight stays. This facility caters to adult men seeking an experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide a gym steam room, sauna, hot tub and private video booths.

Located in the heart of Provincetown Massachusetts is The Provincetown Hotel at Gabriels. A boutique hotel owned by gay individuals but open to everyone. It's particularly popular among travelers due to its proximity to the lively gay scene. You can enjoy accommodations along with a garden courtyard and indulge in a complimentary gourmet breakfast.

It's important to note that some of these hotels may have gender based restrictions, in place; therefore confirming before booking is essential.

  • Here are the top ten saunas, in the United States that cater specifically to men who identify as gay.

    Steamworks in Berkeley CA can be found at 2107 St, Berkeley, CA 94710. You can visit their website at [](https;// Steamworks is a chain of bathhouses for individuals with multiple locations across North America. The Berkeley branch offers state of the art facilities including a gym areas equipped with a hot tub, sauna and steam room private rooms for relaxation and a labyrinth like cruising area.

    Club Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale FL is located at 110 NW 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. For information about them you can visit [ fort lauderdale](https;// fort lauderdale/). This mens club provides an inviting environment where patrons can relax and socialize. Amenities include a pool tubs for unwinding, saunas and steam rooms to rejuvenate oneself privately or socially if desired. Additionally available are private cabins for encounters along with a rooftop sundeck offering breathtaking views.

    Midtowne Spa has its Los Angeles location situated at 615 Kohler St., Los Angeles CA 90021. Visit their website [ angeles](https;// angeles/) to learn more about them. Midtowne Spa is part of a known chain of bathhouses catering to the gay community across the country. The Los Angeles establishment offers an array of amenities including steam rooms for relaxation or detoxification purposes; saunas providing heat; whirlpools providing soothing experiences; and even a rooftop sundeck offering an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally they organize events and parties for added enjoyment.

    The Club Columbus is situated at 795 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212. You can find information, about them at [ columbus](https;// columbus/).The Club Columbus is an establishment that belongs to The Clubs, a known chain of gay bathhouses. It provides an environment with an array of amenities, including an outdoor pool, dry sauna, steam room, hot tub and private rooms. Additionally they frequently organize events and themed nights, for their patrons.

    Steam Portland in Portland Oregon is renowned for its contemporary facilities. These include a steam room, sauna, spacious whirlpool, maze area and private rooms. The venue also hosts events like bear nights and underwear parties.

    Flex Spas Phoenix is part of a chain of gay bathhouses located across the United States. Situated in Phoenix, Arizona this particular location offers levels of relaxation options such as a pool, hot tubs, steam room sauna facilities along with rooms. They also arrange events and parties on a regular basis.

    Denver Swim Club has been serving the community since 1979 as an established gay bathhouse. Located in Denver Colorado at 6923 E Colfax Ave. it boasts a pool area well as hot tubs sauna steam room facilities along, with private rooms.They also organize gatherings and celebrations such, as themed bear nights and underwear parties.

    Located at 1321 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20005 you can find The Crew Club. A known gay sauna situated in the heart of Washington, D.C. This establishment offers amenities, like a steam room, sauna, whirlpool, showers and a spacious gym area.

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